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How do we Study the History of Reading? Notes from a Workshop in Stirling

Aviso oder ZeitungOn 11 December 2014, a group of around thirty doctoral students of book history met at the University of Stirling for the first History of Reading workshop, led by Catherine Halsey (Stirling) and Daniel Cook (Dundee). I got intrigued by the chance of partaking in a discussion on how to study the history of reading; especially of ephemeral material such as newspapers in the seventeenth century.

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Kurt Koszyk † (1929-2015)

On 1 January 2015, Kurt Koszyk, professor for media studies and journalism died aged 85. Koszyk was one of the most established in German media and journalism studies. His career entailed the foundation of the journalism studies programme at the University of Dortmund in 1977. Notably, he served as head of the Institute for Newspaper Studies in Dortmund where he coordinated the collection of German newspapers on microfilm, resulting in putting together alongside the collection in Bremen the most comprehensive collection of newspapers on microfilm in Germany.

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